Aug 5, 2022
I bought a pre-built on Facebook about 5 months ago and the Pc ran fine. I started having performance drop due to CPU heat issues.

So I recently upgraded my CPU Cooler to Corsair H150I and Case to Corsair 4000D

When I would push the power button all case fans and RGB light up for half a second and shut right off, nothing else happened. When I unplug the PSU cord for the CPU port on the motherboard all fans stay on and RGB but nothing comes on the screen.

I’ve tried everything in every forum I’ve read with similar problems, from:

  • Replacing cheap 500w PSU to an EVGA 650W one.
  • Replacing the motherboard battery
  • Resetting CMOS
  • Taking everything apart and putting back together.
  • Triple-checking all cords are plugged in securely and in the correct position.
  • Testing each and every RAM all in different positions for all 4
Also probably other suggestions just the ones off the top of my head

components- MOBO - ASUS Z170 CPU - No sure but it’s an i5 that came with the PC and work in prior case and cpu cooler CPU Cooler- Corsair H150i elite GPU - some GIGABYTE 3GB RAM- 4x8 Corsair Vengence PSU- EVGA 650W 80+ Bronze SSD- M.2 2TB

the motherboard doesn’t have any lights or indicators as to what is wrong the few lights the mobo has comes on as I said all fans work perfectly when the CPU power supply cord is unplugged from the motherboard except nothing comes on the screen either. I’ve ensured every little thing is perfect and this is like my 5th Pc build and have had 0 issues in the past so I have no clue what else to try. Only thing left is replacing the motherboard or cpu and I had a spare motherboard that I bought brand new but my cpu doesn’t go with it so I am not able to test that. if anyone could please give me anything else to try I’ve been trying everything in my power the last week to fix my Pc I’ve spent so much money on!!

Sorry for the long post but I’m sure many can feel my pain.