All games stuttering / lagging


Jun 27, 2012
Hi guys

First off I want to say that I did use the search function here but didn't find anything that helped me fix my problem, so figured I'd give it a shot and ask you guys.

I built my new rig last tuesday and I've been testing out some gaming on it. The games I've played are Diablo 3, Deus Ex Human Revolution and Battlefield 3. The problem is, all games look beautiful and run smooth but occasionally have a stutter / lag problem. My character would be running forward and then sometimes you would feel the gameplay getting a little choppy / stutter for a couple of seconds, and then go back to normal. This happens every couple of minutes or so. The movies / cutscenes all play out very well, only the actual gameplay has the problem. I know it's nothing extreme, but after spending 750 on a new comp I would really prefer it run smooth.

My build:

i5 3450 3.1 Ghz (no overclocking done)
Biostar TZ77b motherboard
Gigabyte Radeon HD 6850
Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB 7200 RPM 64 Mb Cache
G. Skill Ripjaws 8 GB 1600 Mhz
Corsair CX500 500w PSU
Sony 24x optical
2 120mm case fans (1 intake, 1 exhaust) in my cooler master elite 430

I know the 6850 is not the greatest, but it should still be a somewhat competitive graphics card. I don't think it is the psu either. I'm told a corsair 500w should easily power my set up even when gaming.

My monitor is a 24" LCD TV and I'm using resolution 1920x1080 (native resolution on the tv) and playing in that resolution as well, in 1080p.

I have updated drivers, checked v-sync and anti-aliasing. I'm playing the games on default settings, so a mixture of high and medium.

Any ideas?



probably its the fact that your resolution is at its highest or, you have too many programs running in background. try ending the process to any programs taking up a lot of cpu speed.
fairly odd as your playing your games at realistic settings. your cpu is pretty sweet for gaming so that shouldn't be a worry your gfx aint the best but its not poor by any standard. your running ther 12.6 whql drivers? then i gotta assume its something you haven't set in bios or the temps are to high...
also check things like background processes. on a gaming system you dont want things like itunes running so remove that kind of thing from startup if you have em....
in startup you should only have your antivirus. your mouse/gfx drivers/audio pannel and possibly keyboard software. anything else should be disabled to start with and if it doesnt affect the boot time next restart you can delete them.
processes, on a well optomized win 7 install you should have 50-60 processes running in the backround. it depends what startup items you have and what av you use but 60 should be the absolute maximum on a gaming system.

make sure you dissable or set to manual any unneeded services like spooler (dissabled) and adobe reader (manual) setting to manual will stop them from loading at startup and only load when you need them to. some software needs licensing software like photoshop but if you set its service to manual the app wont start so you have no choice but to leave this on auto... (this is trial and error time) anything you disable or manual set, can be set back to its default if it effects the system running so dont worry if you disable the wrong service... but dont go haywire disabling everything... use an app like win 7 optimizer to do the optimization for you... it will ask a few simple questions and based on your answers it will disable as much or as little as it needs to.

dont forget to check temps first run the dxdiag and make sure it and things like direct x redist .netframework, vcredist are all up to date and you have all the versions... vcredist has about 6 different versions all needed by 1 app or another.