All in one Modem+Router, 2nd computer connected = unidentified network hell


Mar 22, 2013
Hey all,

so I finished putting together my new gaming rig, installed the OS and software suite that came with the motherboard and all is well except... when I connected it to the modem / router (it's one device) I got stuck with an Unidentified Network that the computer classified as public. Yet the first machine, my old computer, remained connected within my nice cozy home network.

So I got curious and disconnected it, left the 2nd (new) computer plugged in and voila! It connected just fine. But when I re-connected the 1st (old) computer it got stuck in the public, unidentified network.

And to be clear each computer is only detecting a single network. I'm not getting multiple instances with an option to pick and choose. Which has me wonder if I need to set one up as a master or gateway or something for the other.

Okay, pertinent details:
- Both machines are running the 64bit version of Win 7 home edition.
- Both machines are hardwired to the modem/router thing.
- My friend can use her laptop to connect wirelessly.
I have tried:
- refreshing the LAN connection by disabling then re-enabling it
- disabling the TCP/IPv6 for both machines.
- updating all drivers (or confirming it actually)

and ... nada. The first machine is good. The second is S.O.L. Soooo... any ideas? Cos I'm about ready to run up the white flag and install a wireless adapter on one of the machines. (Dramatically slower and somewhat irritating... also prevents me from file sharing.)

Anyway, cheers and thanks for reading all that.

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