Question All microphone jacks suddenly not working, no input from microphone.

Jan 5, 2021
Hey guys,

Im really hoping someone out there might be able to help me. One night while gaming I realised my mic was no longer working. It had worked the night before just fine, but people were telling me during my game, they couldnt hear me. This was 6 weeks ago. Since then I've tried almost every single thing to get my microphone working and its not worked.

Messing with privacy settings. Uninstalling and reinstalling drivers. Switching from my dedicated soundcard back to onboard. Testing my headsets on another pc - they all work fine, and using a USB headset on my pc works. My pc detects the headsets with microphones, with a dual jack, the pink and green ones. However I cant get any input at all, on any program, even online testers. It didnt even update windows so i cant rollback to a earlier working state. I even bought an adapter to go from jacks to USB, again it detected a headset and microphone but did not show any input.

Its an actual overnight problem that I have spent hours trying to fix, Im usually pretty good at fixing issues but I have no idea what has happened. Can anyone out there think of any reason as to why overnight my pc would stop allowing its mic jacks to work.
Really really do not want to reinstall windows just to get access to my mic jacks again.


Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS information.

No known hardware or software changes when the problem(s) began - correct?

Look in Reliability History to determine if Windows happens to be capturing any related error codes, warnings, or even informational events. Use the timeline format to go back 6 weeks and look at what may have taken place.

Right click the small speaker icon usually located in the lower right screen corner. You should be presented with a drop down menu regarding audio devices and associated configuration settings.

Explore and double check all windows, tabs, and properties to determine is something is not as it should be or otherwise not expected. Do not make any immediate changes. Just explore and make notes so you can go back later. Remember to make only deliberate, reasoned changes and to change only one thing at a time. Just in case something needs to be changed back......

Have you tried running the Window's built-in troubleshooters? The troubleshooters may find and fix something.

You can also try "sfc /scannow" and "dism" via the Command Prompt.


Lastly consider that there may a loose connection or short inside the computer. Use a bright flashlight to inspect in and around all audio related ports.