Question All monitors stink? Hellllllp!

Jan 18, 2020
I'm pretty frustrated at the moment. I just built a 3600x/1660 super pc and it kicks major butt. I am playing shadow of the tomb raider on my panasonic plasma tv 1080p with all ultra max settings, and the framerate is superb. The plasma looks excellent.

I got an asus monitor from a friend labeled as a "gaming" monitor. I wanted to throw up when I played a game on it. The black levels were so far beyond unacceptable to me, and yet three of my friends are using similar monitors and don't seem to notice when gaming. 144hz, 120fps, that's all they care about. Don't get me wrong, I'd like a smooth, clear experience. But never with those black levels.

This spawned some research. It is a TN panel, which is apparently the worst contrast. IPS are better but VA are the best. VA seem to suffer from blur and motion issues. Is there no solution? Is my 50" plasma tv far superior to every 27" monitor on the market?

I thought after 8+ years a gaming monitor that costs as much as my tv did would be better quality. But they're worse? Tell me I'm missing something? I would buy a 27" plasma tv if they made such a thing. I don't have any issues at all. Motion is smooth and clear. It's 60hz, so is the asus monitor.

So I hooked up an hp e222 and the blacks are much better than the asus. No motion issues. Not very bright and colors not very vivid. I'd call it dull overall, but I'd take it's overall black levels and accuracy and day over the asus.

Is there a monitor I can get that is clear, vivid, relatively accurate colors and black levels like my plasma tv for under $400 for a 27" 1440p? I'd probably be fairly happy with the hp e222 if the blacks were slightly darker and the brights were brighter with a bit more color vividness. Is that out there? Samsung VA monitor? Higher end IPS? So many reviews are all over the place. No one seems to agree. And there seems to be so much BS all over the place. If any store within 200 miles carries decent monitors I'd go check them out. Best buy only had a few really bad ones.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.