All my games develop huge polygonal shapes!


May 23, 2012
I have a new computer and all of my games develop these huge bars or shapes that are completely opaque and seem to be centered on whatever is central to the game. For instance sheets or rays coming off my characters in Reckoning, or large triangles develop in the center of my cockpit in Microsoft Flight. Playing the King Arthur collection odd graphical 'waterfalls' appear from the top of the screen to the bottom. Sometimes the whole screen will erupt in magenta or another color in the form of many overlapping shapes and then the game crashes. I have uninstalled and reinstalled drivers, looked for updates and all that. I have turned down all the games textures and turned off shadows but nothing. I do have one small clue though. In Reckoning, I have learned that when the shapes shooting off my character get too bad I can go to Options ingame, turn Vsync off, then choose 'no' when it asks if I want to keep the option and then continue to play and everything is fine. Same with other games, if I ctrl+esc and then just click on the games tab in the task bar, everything is fine again. Keep in mind these are just temp fixes. In 15 minutes or so it will start to develop these shapes again and I will have to redo this process.

Asus Laptop (2weeks old)
Win7 64bit
Intel i7
nVidia geforce gt 630m (2gb)
8gb RAM ddrm
it sounds like it is overheating to be honest, the use of the options menu stops the gpu from rendering lets it cool down for a short period, and then it starts again.

can you run hwinfo64, speedfan, something like that that will let you see either min/max gpu temps or graph them.


Alex The PC Gamer

Oct 24, 2007
This is something people experience when overclocking. It might be a heat issue (make sure your fan trap is clear and is letting the air flow. Although unlikely, it might be a driver issue. Uninstall and reinstall your GPU drivers (

But like Simon12 said, if that doesn't help, return your laptop.