All my games have micro stutter ??


Jan 4, 2013
My problems is. I have micro stutter in all my games , when I move the camera , but the fps stuck in 60

my pc

Windows 7 64 bit
Motherboard asus rampage 3
680 gtx
I7 990x processor
ssd 240 gb
8gb ram
Power supply 750 crosair

I'm using xbxo360 controllar , I try
using defferent drivers ,
even defferent gpu ,
I try change my rams ,
I try another gpu (6990)
I try another monitor
I format my pc and install new windows and install all windows update then I install 680 driver , microsoft security Essential antivirus because maybe the older antivirus (kaspersky) have stutter problems And I install the steam Then I download only one game , and still micro stutter

The big surprise , my brother give his new pc , I try it in my home , after 2 days , I have the same problems .

So , why that , it something related to Internet connection like router or it is from electricity .

Any solution ?? Please I tired from this micro stutter ?


Oct 27, 2012
I guess you never read the forums and such a like, don`t worry though its not your system at all.
Amd sort of acknowledge a few days ago the Micro stutter on Ati 6990 card has a lot to do with the video drivers, they are working on a fix but have not come up with one yet.
The last driver they released had a back wards effect on frame rates btw knocking about 8fps to 10 off in some games. Its not just you loads of people have noticed, just hang in there till Ati fixes it with a new driver. Nvidia are also suffering the same problem driver related, same thing a bit of micro stutter in games.