Question All my games open at 120hz when I want it to be 144hz


Feb 4, 2018
This might be the most stupid question you have ever encountered but here we go.... basically I bought my first ever 144hz monitor Dell S2419HGF, and it's all good, however, to achieve the full 144hz refresh rate you'll have to create a custom resolution in the nvidia control panel because it's 120hz by default, and because of that, most games recognize my monitor as 120hz and some dont have a refresh rate option in the settings which forces me to play on 120hz, even if the desktop resolution and the game resolution are the same, the refresh rates will still differ for some reason. Windowed fullscreen does solve this issue but adds input delay, the monitor is 1ms response time but I can still feel some delay, in conclusion, what I'm trying to do is set 1080p 144hz as a native resolution so that all games recognize the monitor as a 144hz monitor. english is not my first language please ignore any mistakes.