[SOLVED] All my HDDs in smoke

Apr 5, 2021
So a couple of days back i noticed that my pc would shut down when i reached the main menu of MK11. I’d normally just turn it back on and the problem would disappear. It happened at least once every day. Finally asked my friend and he told me the problem was the psu. (I can agree the psu i was using at the time was old 😅)

I bought another from him. A semi modular 750w seasonic gm 750 rated at 80 plus gold. Asides the occasional shut downs the pc was functioning well. I got the new psu and changed it. After plugging all the connectors to their appropriate ports, i turned on my pc. I heard a small spark, checked and saw my ssd connector header in smoke. Immediately removed it, checked the connectors to be sure everything was properly connected and everything was connected properly.

i turned on the pc again and another spark, my rgb fans controller behind sparked. The fans still spin but it doesn’t change lights again. I called my friend immediately and complained, he told me I probably connected something wrong. I cross checked and everything was fine and properly connected. I turned on the pc again and this time no spark. 2 out of my 5 hard drives were working (the other 3 also went in smoke). I tried to test all individually to figure out the problem but I couldn’t find any. I decided to leave just the two that were working and move on. My friend was coming tomorrow to check what the problem was. Only for me to turn the pc on again and i heard another spark. This was after I turned it on and it worked normally. The last 2 hard drives also stopped working.

Firstly, does anyone have an idea what the problem might’ve been?

Second, i noticed that just the place where the hard drives were connected smelt burnt, does that mean the Hdds aren’t dead and its just the connectors that’s spoilt? If they aren’t dead is there a way i can fix them?

thank you.

Pc is Asus b85m -e
I5 4670
16gb ram
1 tb hdd, 500gb hdd x 4.
Seasonic gm 750-psu
Nzxt h510-case


Mar 14, 2020
No. I used the cables that came with the new psu.
Are you sure ? Even the ones for the HDDs ? Was it packed and new or there's a possibility that the friend gave you wrong cables ?
And i mean, you've fried three HDDs and a RGB controller, by repeatedly trying to start the PC again after it lights out with a spark ... why ?