All my sata drives dissapear


Dec 30, 2010
I am having a problem with my sata drives. They all vanish form my computer and from disc management after 15 minute or so. This has been happening to all my sata drives, but not my IDE drives.

I have updated the bios, tried new drives, moved the drives around in different order, bought new cables, ran just one sata drive alone ( couldnt install windows because drive vanshed. I highly doubt that all my sata drives decided to fail at the same time, because my IDE drives are several years old and they work fine.

My specs are as follows.

AS rock m3a770de motherboard
amd Athlon II x3 425
g skill 1066 1 gig x 4
XFX HD 5770 graphics card
Western digital 160 GB HD (IDE)
western digital 200 GB
western digital 640 GB caviar green (sata)
western digital 750 GB caviar green (sata)
Diablotech 500 power supply

The drives work fine in another computer, but not mine. Everything is less than a year old. This is like my 25th build, and 23 of them are still running so I am a veteran builder.
With all of them disappearing it is either a PSU problem as stated above but more likely a motherboard problem as it appears that the onboard controller stops functioning after it gets warm.