Question All of a sudden I have started seeing artifacts on my display (Images in comment Below)


Nov 29, 2015
I recently updated my graphics card driver for my GTX 760 to the most recent drivers nvidia has brought out.

This was roughly 3 weeks ago ish and its been fine, i have been playing ARK i have been playing Last Oasis and everything has been working fine. But then all of a sudden My game would completely freeze up and i would start seeing artifacts on the screen. The game would be still running in the background and I could still hear it through the headset but the screen would be completely frozen. Spoke with a friend about it and we started troubleshooting. Because this wasn't a one off thing. This happened inside furmark when we was doing a stress test, It happened when we was playing TFT on league of legends and Also it happened when I tried to open ARK.

Just a couple of thing to add before the steps,
-GPU temps are fine, rarely going above 80c (its high bit its not too high)
-These artifacts are showing up on screen recordings for some reason which I would have thought they wouldn't show on there.

So the steps we followed in order are.

- Downloaded Furmark and ran a 1080p stress test for probably 10 minutes ish. And it crashed after that.

- We rebooted the PC into safe mode and DDU'd the drivers and then Installed the most recent ones again from Nvidia website just to make sure they was installed correctly.
Games still crashed after this

- We Looked into event viewer to see if there is any errors in there that we could maybe find something from which we found errors that shown in the event file on here

These errors seemed to be relating to the GPU Drivers from what i could gather from multiple guides online so our next step was to reinstall older Drivers

- So we repeated one of the first steps, rebooted into safe mode and DDU'd current drivers and then installed older drivers for the GPU from the end of 2019 and then tested the games again. All was going well on League Of Legends and then it crashed again on me. with all the same stuff as before.

-Okay so back to square one. I checked event viewer again and there was some other errors that i didn't really notice before and these was alot harder to understand personally, These two errors didn't seem as common online so it was harder to find a solution. One of the things suggested was to do "sfc /scannow" in command prompt, and also run a chkdsk. So i did both and these didn't fix anything.

-The only last thing i tried is I just opened Last Oasis again to try and do something on there and then my PC completely blue screened with some Nvidia error.
Shown Here:

At this point I am completely stuck and my friend is struggling to figure out any other solutions. He is willing to send me his old GTX 970 that he doesn't use but we are worried that the GPU isn't at fault and that changing this wont fix it.

I have a couple of screenshots showing the artifacts on the screen

If there is anything you guys could suggest that would be so appreciated as im completely stuck and I need this PC to be usable for my Personal Work