All of a sudden: No connections available. Win 8 RP. Wireless usb card


Mar 7, 2010
For the last day my main PC has been without internet. I have no idea what caused this to happen. So I'll just give all the info I can and maybe someone can help me fix it.

1. I have a USB wireless card provided by Uverse. It has always worked as plug-and-play on any PC I use it on.

2. I installed windows 8 RP, card worked perfectly fine since install (over a week).

3. After turning the PC on from sleep, I get the no connections available message in the bottom right tray icon.

4. Reset device, restart PC, disabled all other network devices, etc etc. The usual steps to mess with a weird network issue.

5. It is not the router as I can connect with any othter wifi device I have, including this laptop I am using now.

6. I dont have another wifi card to try and I cannon connect my PC directly to the router via ethernet due to the distance.

7. For a brief moment after a restart the connection was fine, full bars etc. I thought the problem just fixed itself. After putting it to sleep again, which is how I always leave my PC and never had any wifi issues, it stopped working again the next time I turned it on.

I tried system restore as well, nothing.

Any help? Could my wifi card just die all of a sudden. Or is this a windows 8 issue?


Nov 22, 2012

yes,it's windows 8,i've got the same problem.