Question All of my folders are marked as hidden folders.


Aug 1, 2020
just installed a new windows 10 to my pc because it got infected by a malware the last time. now after i installed my new OS all of my folders are marked as hidden folders. and they are also folders that are the same name but marked as Screensaver file


Retired Mod
Clearly you did NOT do a CLEAN install. You either reinstalled over the old installation, or you did a refresh or restore. Something that had residual infection clearly wasn't eliminated. You need to do a CLEAN install and unfortunately that means if you did not already have any important files, folders or other important data backed up before you got the infection, to another location such as a secondary or external drive, or cloud storage, that data is going to be lost because it cannot be trusted to not be infected after already reinstalling Windows and finding you still have a problem.

It is important that before you install Windows you disconnect ALL secondary drives except the USB drive you are installing FROM, and during the installation you choose the "Custom" option, then delete ALL partitions on the OS drive including the hidden partitions, then install to the unpartitioned, unformatted drive space that remains. Windows will create any required partitions and perform any necessary formatting automatically.

Use this guide to do it correctly.