Question All PC games are crashing on startup ?

Aug 18, 2022
New PC was built a few months ago and games such as Apex Legends, Fortnite, Remnant from the Ashes, and other Steam games are crashing on startup. Games on the client seem to be working correctly but any time a new game is purchased and downloaded regardless of platform it will not launch. A black screen will load for a few seconds and then closes. Verification of game files, running as administrator, even went as far as to resetting the PC and no luck. Any opinions are appreciated. Thank you.
Which OS are you using ? Windows 10 or 11 ? Is it a freshly installed copy ? Do you also have all the necessary software installed, such as VC++, DirectX, .NET, and even an updated BIOS/firmware ?

Your post lacks enough info to start any troubleshooting process. You need to provide more details. Exact brand and Model number of your GPU ? Make and Model number of your current PSU ? On what resolution are you gaming ? What's the make/model of your CPU ?

What's the CPU and GPU TEMP value under full load and idle desktop mode ? Any signs of overheating ?

Anyways, kindly provide full PC specs.

-1. "Complete" system specs should ALWAYS be accompanied with any driver, hardware, or performance question. Do not post DXDiag reports as they contain a TON of useless information. Posting a DxDiag in place of a System Spec List tends to ward off potential members from helping you.

Please supply the following system details/information. As much as possible for you. NO need to provide each and every detail though. This is just for reference.

(Complete System Specs)
-CPU make and model# (clock speed/voltage, type of cooler, and "Core" temperature @ idle and load)
-Motherboard make & model# (include Bios version if graphics card is not recognized or you are having stability issues)
-RAM (amount, clock speed, model#/link of kit, configuration)
-Graphics card(s) make and model# (clock speed, voltage if modified, Driver version and GPU temp both @ idle and load)
-Power supply make,model#, "AND" age (note if using 110V or 220V A/C input)
-HDD/SSD configuration (ie: Raid setup/ back up/ OS drive/etc..)
-Case/Chasis make,model# (fan make, model#, and configuration if having thermal issues)
-Operating System (If using Windows note Framework and service pack version)
-Monitor make, model#, and resolution (If model# is unknown list resolution and refresh rate)

*If the unit is a "laptop" or "All-in-one" system you must note the make and model# of the unit. Be sure you are ALWAYS using the OEM/manufacturer's Driver updates for the unit.

*If "Crashing":
-Note the nature of the "crash" in detail, as there are several definitions for the word "crash".

*If "performance" related issue:
-Note the "exact" point in which the performance reduction occurred (ie: After Windows update, After Bios update, After Driver update, After thermal system shutdown, After Hardware change/upgrade etc...)

*For diagnostic purposes please disable the following:
-Any/all Antivirus/ Anti-malware software
-Any/all OSD monitoring software
-ALL overclocks outside of factory spec