Question All stereo headsets echoing Windows PC

Jan 5, 2020
Every stereo headset I have tried plays audio through Discord even when I have muted the headset by using the mute on the headset. Even when I turn the playback volume all the way down it will register my mic and play the audio in discord. It happens in Skype as well. These are not cheap headsets. Specifically Turtle Beach Stealth 300, Razer Kraken, and Logitech G Pro.

I have tried both front and rear mic and audio ports, and have made sure my speakers and mic are the only default devices. I am using a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy Fx sound card with the latest driver from the manufacturer.

I don't have the tab for enhancements to disable, that's a common solution I have seen recommended on similar threads.


Given how you're working with analog headsets(and not USB driven units), have you made sure to check in BIOS to see if the onboard soundcard(Realtek) has been disabled? You may want to also see if your BIOS for the motherboard is up to date.

You may want to uninstall the drivers from the system for your Creative soundcard and reinstall the latest drivers in an elevated command, i.e Right click installer>Run as Administrator.

Also which version of Windows 10 are you running?