All the sudden cant boot


Jun 21, 2006
I use a monitor switch between 2 pc's I went to switch to my windows 10 pc and it was suddenly on a welcome screen just hanging not responsive at all, I had to force a shutdown with the power button I booted back up and couldnt get to the windows loading screen just a black screen with a blinking dash, I tried to put in a flash drive that has Windows 10 on it so I could try a repair and couldn't get that to load and now I just get a black screen no bios no nothing can't access the bios or boot menu.

I switched the cmos jumper, unplugged power cord, switched off power even took out the cmos battery waited over ten minutes figuring a reset of the bios to default might help and nothing. Still same problem not sure what to do or try, this is all very sudden and I have had no issues with the pc up until this point.