All thumb downers should be banned!



There are some people who find it fun to thumb down on anyone's comment, regardless what opinion is expressed.
I think such individuals, who have fun thumbing down more than 6 or 7 comments per day, should be banned; they are a pest to the community.

You can disagree with topics, and thumb down, but not with nearly every post.
When a new thread is posted, often when I see it there are a few comments already present.
By the time I express a one sentence comment, and post it, sometimes all previous comments are being thumbed down save the last two (or so).

There are also stupid asses who love to pick a certain user, and always thumb down that user, because perhaps the user made more sense than them, or because they felt embarrassedly stupid after a smart remark, and want to get their revenge.

This way the thumb system does not work correctly.

You will never for instance, find enough users that will thumb up a user or reply, to balance out the unfair rating.

I also see that most of the time, users write comments that make 95% sense,but get thumbed down because of the 5% that did not make as much sense.
The thumb downs are like teenager-like kids, who either think they know it all, or are people who just love to do bad to others...

And if anyone thumbs down this post, have at least the guts to say why!


You can't ban someone for using a feature of the site. It's not against the ToS... Personally I think the rating system should be removed. People don't have to agree with a comment, and they can respond to it if they feel the need, but simply "hiding" it because it doesn't agree with their point of view is silly. The only time the rating system is good is for hiding spam or double posts.


Nov 7, 2009

This +1. The rating system is useless. The only people who really use it are all the emotional trolls on the news/article comment section.