Question All USB devices randomly disconnecting and reconnecting on Z390 Aorus Master ?

Oct 26, 2021
Hi,i m new here...
Recently i faced usb disconnect and auto reconnecting issue.

Problem :
All of the internal and external usb device disconnect and reconnect at same time, but it happens randomly. I faced this issue twice within 15 days. My PC is 1yr old but i never face any issue with it until this one. When 2nd time this issue occured that day pc won't boot and showing Qr code - 78, but after couple of minutes it boot normally and all of my usb device disconnect and reconnect for couple of times, then everything perform normally.The problem occurs randomly and not everyday.

Internal usb device :

Corsair Commander pro ( usb 2.0)
NZXT usb hub ( Usb 2.0)

External usb device :

Basic keyboard (usb 2.0)
Gaming mouse ( usb 3.0)

My pc config :

Core i9 9900k
Z390 Aorus Master ( F10 BIOS)
Corsair Hx 1200i PSU
Windows 10 (updated)

Anyone can help why this happen ?