Question All USB ports dead after reboot (in BIOS as well). Fixable?

Apr 2, 2021

After rebooting to install a Windows update, none of the USB devices work; BIOS says "Keyboard not found". Everything was working fine right before the reboot.

I did clear the CMOS (both with the jumper and by removing the battery). It did clear (the date got reset, though my previous custom Profiles were still available for loading), but that didn't help with the USB ports.

I've ordered a PCIe USB card, which should arrive sometime next week, but I wonder if there's a possibility this can be fixed somehow on the motherboard itself. The small hope is due to the fact that the reboot triggered the problem, not the computer crashing/hanging, so perhaps it's a "soft" problem, and not just the USB ports fried?

The USB controller is now displayed in the device manager with a yellow warning sign and a message "The device could not start; error code 10".

Anything else to try to fix this? Thanks.


So I had a Gigabyte Z270X-UD3 with an i7-7700k (no overclocking ever). After a couple of years one afternoon the ethernet connection died, I rebooted, and the USB 3.0 ports weren't working (the USB 3.1 and Type-C did work, and still do).

After this event the computer stopped shutting down properly (the fans were still spinning, and the power LED was on). Also sleep stopped working: going to sleep would keep the fans and the power LED on, and it was impossible to wake up, only to hard reboot.

I got an ASUS Z270-P as a replacement, and it was lying around for almost a year, when I finally got down to replacing it. Everything was great with the new board, though I had to spend quite some time tuning the BIOS settings, the power management settings for USB and related devices (Intel MEI and the ethernet adapter) in Windows for the sleep to work properly.

And after a 10 day uptime with the new board the reboot apparently killed the USB ports for good in the ASUS board (as described in the first section). I had no recourse but to swap in the old Gigabyte board, as it at least gave me a working computer.

My current suspicion is that the front USB ports are responsible for this, that they have fried the USB controllers somehow, though during the brief two weeks when the ASUS board was working fine I didn't plug anything with an external power source into them; but perhaps I could plug a flash drive the wrong way (upside down). In short, I don't trust these front ports not to short anything, and have disconnected them for good from the motherboard.

I've ordered a PCIe USB card to try it with the ASUS board, as hopefully sleep would still work there, but I wonder if there's any way to "revive" the USB controller on the ASUS motherboard.