Question ALL usb3 drives unmount when plugging/unplugging in device - even a hub


Feb 12, 2019
I've moved a couple of Anker USB3 hubs over to my HP desktop from my Mac (where they worked perfectly). However, on the PC side of things, there's a strange issue I can't seem to troubleshoot.

Let's say I have four USB3 drives plugged into the Anker hub which is plugged into one of the USB3 ports on the HP's motherboard (which is normal). As long as I do not plug in a new drive (into that hub or any hub plugged into that hub) or unmount one of the four HDs and unplug it, everything is fine. But as soon as I do plug in a new HD or unmount and unplug one of the four drives, all of the HDs will disappear from the Desktop (whatever you call it in Windows) and, in a minute or less, the HDs will reappear (mount). During the "intermission", I can see the lights on the HDs blinking away in what I believe is the normal manner for drives that have been disconnected unexpectedly.

I never had this issue on any of my Macs using these Anker hubs. All are of the "7-data+3-charging" variety (10 ports in total); all are getting proper power, and I use the little USB Eject icon in the tray(?) to select the proper HD. The selected drive will unmount but when I actually pull the cable, it disturbs all the drives connected to the hub (or connected to the hub daisy-chained to this hub - this happens even if I don't have a daisy-chained hub).

Suggestions are gratefully accepted.