All you GA-P35C-DS3R Owner's out there?

I'm using OCZ Vista Upgrade. The OCZ Reaper or Kingston HyperX were also compatible options, just a bit more expensive. There's a "memory support list" at this URL:

Read these, they'll give you 2 more suggestions for RAM each, with lots of details:

This mobo is particularly friendly to coolers because it leaves plenty of room for them. I went with the Scythe Ninja because it's quiet, but the Thermaltake Ultra 120 Extreme would cool better.



Mar 10, 2007
I used tracer ballistick 1066 4X 1024 meg.
Tuniq tower 120

I got a 6600 oc's at 3.4 ansd everything looks find for now.

Only problem it's to find where are the correct setting the memory in the bios after everything okay.