Almost to good to pass up, 256 Gig m4 $199

Chief - For that past 30 days or so we have been seeing some really great sale prices - down to arround 85 cents per GB. Daily deals vary

OCZ Agility 3 will be replaced by the Agility 4. Already listed in the ssd database but no reviews yet - just a link to the OCZ product page.

Also looks like we have a new controller manufacturer. Not much in the way of details yet.


Mar 21, 2006

Save yourself 20 bucks chief, better hurry, today only. actually newegg is even cheaper, no sales tax


This reminds of how ddr3 prices came down, I bought some and it got cheaper and I bought some more for upcoming builds, just kept getting cheaper. I picked up an M4 256 last week from Newegg for $169 -- didn't need it, but I can use it somewhere. I think we'll be seeing them under $150 soon. Looks like all that talk of a price war in SSDs may be happening with Crucial on the front lines.

^ You all found much better price on the M4!!!.

I have not ordered one yet as I have a 128 gig Samsung 830 that I have not installed yet. Might consider one for My laptop to replace the 128 Gig M4 (next Month), but not really pressing as my OS + programs are only eating up about 35 Gigs (not a gamer) and I have a 2nd 128 gig M4 installed in the 2nd drive Bay.