AlphaGo Round 2: Google’s AI To Compete Against Top Go Players

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Feb 18, 2016
"the DeepMind team has also collaborated with hospitals and medical research teams to study various diseases and types of cancer."

I wonder, how many sophisticated techs have moved forward by proponents selling the mere prospect of their possible application to improve the human condition in some way? As though, surely, their potentially benevolent applications outweigh any other considerations...

Deep Blue's AI win vs Kasparov, (despite his claim IBM violated the rules in the 2nd game) was a significant leap for AI. Seeing google's AI beat a reigning Go champion was far more significant. Both were joyless occasions imo. Both are complex, strategic, artistic, potentially passionate games; though Go is far more so. Seeing these champions lose to cold, calculating machines didn't seem a fair outcome, given the circumstances.

The EU's vote to begin a framework to bestow "electronic personhood" for some existing & future robots & AI earlier this year was notable. Mr. Musk warning of the dangers of AI superintelligence, concluding AI would "treat humans like pets" without some sort of neural lace, seems to indicate AI-SI, with all its implications for better or worse, has progressed far sooner than most could've imagined. Many accept the above as the inevitable, sooner or later. Very interesting times. Though, fwiw(even if not much for most), I've faith the human mind, given a chance to evolve its true, natural potential in the right circumstances, could beat any AI & ensure a far more balanced, gratifying future for all concerned. ;)
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