Question Alt+Tab caused GPU artifacts to appear

Ishit Arya

Feb 27, 2014
Lately I've been experiencing horizontal bars of static screen appearing whenever I boot my PC or run any Fullscreen application. It disappear after a second or 2 so I just ignored it but today when I alt tabbed from desktop to the game, at first the screen looked normal for half a sec until red horizontal bar appeared which then caused my monitor to restart itself, after restart GPU artifact appeared.

Is this sign of my GPU dying? My GPU is 2080 and only a year old.

I was able to recreate it after trying multiple times and here are the pictures-

Red horizontal bar appeared before monitor restart and GPU artifact

After my monitor restarted itself GPU artifact appeared

Alt tabbing back to desktop sometimes ends up with fixing GPU artifact or no display output to monitor. If there's no display output then I have to keep alt tabbing until I get an output.

What is the cause of this problem? Is it my GPU, displayport cable or my monitor displayport? I never get any of this issue when I use HDMI cable.

GPU - RTX2080
Displayport Cable - Accell B142C-007B-2 VESA Certified
Monitor- Samsung C27F591
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