Question Alt + tab freezing problem

Aug 26, 2019
Hello... I've being searchign for a solution for about 8 hours now and I can't find anything.
I got an SSD about a month ago and everything went smoothly up until today where going into ANY game and alt tabbing makes me freeze for about 30 to 60 seconds, it's extremely annoying.
And before you say I'm fullscreen, I am not. I've always been playing borderless and still am, yet I still freeze...
The games I froze on were : League of Legends, osu! and CS:GO.
Another thing is that whenever I shift + tab when in a Steam game I freeze aswell.
And I used to freeze whenever I clicked "Run as Administrator" or CTRL + Alt + Del to open Task Manager but I did some random stuff and fixed it but the alt + tab problem still persists.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!