Altec Lansing 251 vs. Creative Inspire T5400 Spks


May 30, 2002
I'm looking at either purchasing one of these two 5.1 speaker systems: Altec Lansing 251 or Creative Inspire T5400. The Altec Lansing 251 speakers got a pretty goo d review on Tom's Hardware review of 5.1 speaker systems. Was just wondering if anyone had any opinions/experiences with the Creative Inspire T5400 speakers. Any suggestsions/recommendations for which speaker system I should go with? I have a SoundBlaster Audigy 1 Gamer sound card.
Go with the Creative they sound great, with the Audigy 1 you'll only get the 5.1 surround in games, not audio playback but its still a great soundcard, I had a friend in the Navy named Pareez, you've never been in the Navy have you?


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