Question Alternative options to Sony a7ii?

Nigel Thornberry11

Jun 2, 2016
Hi guys,

Would just like some personal opinions on comparing a few camera options.
At the moment I feel leaning towards mirrorless full frame and Sony a7ii seems to be an appropriate option, but looking for some alternatives that are possibly newer with better features/firmware etc for around the same price.

I've heard that the video isn't great on the a7ii either.. Is it really that bad that I should look at something else?

I am primarily wanting to use this camera for stills (landscape/motorsports photography), but would also like to do cinematic video shots and slow mo for montages like you see on YouTube.

I don't need 4k, but would be great to have 1080, 120fps to get that buttery smooth slow motion and still have great stills ability and quality, but I know that means looking at much more expensive models.. so it''s not 100% essential, I can deal with 1080 60p for now and upgrade in a few years.
I feel like it's worth hitting two birds with one stone now to save myself wanting to upgrade sooner, but don't want to break the bank :sweatsmile:

*(Ideal budget < $1500 AUD so I can still afford a decent lens, open to second hand options too)

Also a suggestion for my first lens that would be a great all-rounder for both video and photography before I invest a lot for individual purposes.

I'm not hugely knowledgable and I've only done a minimal amount of research, so any alternative suggestions would be appreciated :)



Because the a7ii is the full-frame camera so that you need to buy the full-frame lens too. Keep in mind, you will pay lot more for the full-frame lens.

And it depends on your budget, may consider this lens:
Sony SEL24240 FE 24-240mm f/3.5-6.3 OSS Zoom Lens, review:

And you will need to find the review for the lens you are interesting too. Don't just check the price, and not read the review.