Question Alternative(s) to 5700 XT Red Devil / Nitro+ for my purposes?

Oct 14, 2019
So. I have pretty much decided on my next PC build, but i am not sure which GPU to go for that fits my purposes AND one that will last a good while, since i am not one who upgrades frequently. Maybe in 4-5 years i will upgrade parts of my pc again. This is what i will be using my pc for:
  • Heavy streaming/multi-tasking + on-screen recording. My work consists of having several streams (4-5) available on my screens while i do some browsing and other work at the same time. Now it becomes quite laggy and sometimes a bit slow when i am doing so. Naturally i stream a lot myself too, so it's a must that it should go well with that as well.
  • I should note that since i do quite a lot of audio work, i would love the system to be as quiet as it possibly CAN be, though i do understand that i cannot expect overly much on this, of course.
  • Aside from that, i will do easy/casual gaming, meaning i am not demanding overly heavy gaming specs, but enough so i can game things nicely. I do NOT plan to game hardcore, for sure. And i do NOT game any FPS games. More like FIFA and RPG games. However, since i have a 1440p 144hz screen, i'd need something that can run those games nicely as well, though not necessarily on ultra/very high settings. I am not that particular picky about all that fancy graphic stuff.
  • I will also do a lot of sound/video/picture editing, so i would need the system to work well enough without things needing to be processed for some slow and crazy amount of time (yep, i know it takes time to render etc.) I do not have any plans to do much 4k video editing, though. I run 4 screens now. 5th will come in some months.
  • It should also be noted that the GPU i will go for, SHOULD be as quiet as possible, but i am not OVERLY picky about it if there's a big price difference.
So. Upon a dozen of readings and reviews, i have concluded with that either Red Devil or Nitro+ are the GPUs to go for that will fit my purposes nicely. But, they are pricey. That is why i am wondering if there are alternatives to those cards. And if so, what are the differences and what will i be sacrificing on compared to the Red Devil and Nitro+ GPUs? Price shouldn't be above those 2 cards.

Here's the setup that i will end up having:
CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 (according to reviews and others, it seems like 3600 has great performance for my purposes and goes well with the other components on the list while also costing about $155 less than the 3700X, which i was looking to get at first...)
CPU Cooler: Scythe Ninja 5 (in about all the reviews, it's gotten THE best and most solid results in terms of quietness, performance AND it costs even less than the D15... a no-brainer this!)
SSD: PNY CS3030 M.2 1tb (overall, i get even more for the same price as the Adata M.2, which costs the same as this one)
Monitor: LG 32GK850F (best overall monitor for my purposes, especially since i am going with AMD. it has a great size, quality, i've got great experiences with previous LG screens, nice features, 144hz, 1440p, and that to an awesome price of $440.. another no-brainer choice!)
Mobo: Asus X570-F Gaming (haven't decided on the mobo yet, actually, but for now, this seems to be the choice...unless a better option comes up...)
PSU: EVGA Supernova G3 550W
Cabinet: Fractal Design R5

So, any alternatives to the Red Devil and Nitro+ cards out there that are worth considering that will match their quality to an extent? Thanks a lot for the help and advises!