Question Alternative to PIA VPN


Nov 19, 2013
I have been using PIA for the past 2-3 years and I am still thinking whether or not to renew my subscription, the reason is that PIA is low-key stopping their support for Win7 but otherwise the service is okay. I am well aware of the shortcomings of Win7 but for the foreseeable future I am going to be using it, so please don't list the solution as switching to Win 10 because it's not viable for now.
if you are in a similar situation I would like to hear about the options available, I have been thinking about other providers( NordVPN etc...) but I don't know much about them.

I contacted the PIA VPN support service multiple separate times regarding this issue and it seems to have degraded since I first subbed to this service, I did not engage with them other that one time when I first subbed regarding a separate issue and two or three separate times regarding Win7 support and the service degraded comparatively, just regurgitating copy-paste arguments refusing to admit right-out that I cannot receive updates for the application when I run on Win7 anymore, they just gave me a link to the latest supported version for Win7 that didn't even work lol.
Most the other large vpn services are about the same. Which you use depends a lot what you are using the vpn for. The location of their data centers and how you ISP connects to them make a huge difference between VPN. Some do better at certain things. For example many people outside the USA use nord to get to netflix because most other VPN netflix blocks. Netflix has to know about this but for some reason they choose to allow it for nord but not other VPN services.

I guess if all else fails you can load VPN on a router but the small cpu will limit you speed compared to running a vpn on a pc.

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i got a years worth of namecheap vpn for $10 to try it out. not explored any privacy issues with it but can't complain about the server availability and speed of it. might be worth looking into when they put it on sale again. i use it with win 7 on multiple pc's and no problems for me. mobile apps as well and unlimited devices allowed.

is onlt $12 a year normal price and you can do a free month to check it out