Question Alternative Way of Installing Windows 10


Aug 19, 2012
Let me start with listing my hardware: ASUS Z87 Sabertooth and an Intel i7-4770k and a Corsair Carbide 400R Case.
NOW-- i finally decided to redo my system.. i bought new hard drives and Windows 10 Pro. BUT.. i got Windows 10 on a USB Drive. i have never been able to get my system to boot off a USB Drive. The settings are in the BIOS.. but it has never worked.
---Is it possible for me to DL the Windows 10 Pro ISO from MicroSoft and use the Serial Key that came with the USB?
i purchased the USB from ---What finally got me to install Windows 10... i saw a video on YouTube where i can go to the Windows APP Store and install Linux. There are many distros to choose from. Just Search on Linux.
Anyway... Thanks in advance for all the help!!! If there is a trick to get my system to boot from USB.. please let me know.
i can boot from CD, DVD, Hard Drive but that's it. USB is in the list.. but when i highlight it.. it won't move to the top of the list.
Thanks, David, ThunderBoyDavid

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Jul 2, 2019
Just download the Win10 ISO file from the Windows 10 Download Page and burn it as bootable to DVD. You can use DVD media, it's just that USB is so much more ubiquitous these days and optical drives are disappearing.

If you can boot from your optical drive, use it instead.

Then, once Windows 10 is installed, look into updating your UEFI/BIOS.


Sep 8, 2013
You would need a DL dvd to make a disk and it takes longer to install. I prefer the flash drive. On the download page they give you that option to make a flash drive. Plug in the flash drive and direct it to that drive and make and installer while you go do something else. When the updated versions come out I do the same process and then open the flash drive in windows and run setup to upgrade my version. This process saves me a few hours over the upgrade via updates. When you do upgrade, make sure it's all working, then run disk cleanup and click system clean up and remove previous version of windows, it will be the biggest one there around 30Gb. You can skip this on a clean install.