Question (Alternatives) how to boot Acer Aspire 7 A715-71G?

Oct 15, 2020
Hello there guru's,

I have had some problems with my Acer Aspire 7 A715-71G laptop recently. It all originated the moment i spilled some coffee on the right side of the keyboard. Having no experience with this accident I did not immediately act in the ideal manner. I turned the laptop off but did not took the battery out at that time and i let it to dry for a few hours upside down. After I got some information by researching i took out the battery aswell but checked way to early after that if all was well.

So a couple hours after the accident it first looked like there was no urgent problems and it all seems to work okay aside from some buttons on the right side of the keyboard were sticky and some were not functioning. The power button was working aswell at the time so i could turn the laptop on and off at the moment and just browse internet and manouvre through windows and programs.

Now comes the more problematic side. The day after the power button is not functioning anymore so I can not start my laptop anymore. However when I plugged the power cable in it seems liked there was no problems with charging or have other errors noticable from the lights. I Tried to see if there was dust mixed with dryed cofee spills below the keys that I could manually clean but that was not helping. After that I brought the laptop to a local repair shop and they adviced me to replace the keyboard including the top.

A few weeks later when the part arrived, according to the dude at the shop there was no visible moisture damage from the spills, if that is the correct word to use in english. The keyboard was set in place by him and unfortunately the power button dit not function and gave no connection to (the switch) to power on the laptop. After that he tried to look to boot the laptop in another manner but he told me he was nog adequatly equiped or has the knowledge about the hardware and the layout of this Acer series(version) sp I have to take it to someone else who has more experience with the Acer Aspire 7 series or to the manufracterer.

Now i am in the situation that I am looking for information and ways to solve this problem and to get the power button working or boot the laptop alternatively. The hardware layout of the motherboard and the power switch/pins seems different from previous Acer laptops and is more complex to find solutions for this on my own.

That is why I come to you noble computer wizards at Tom's hardwareand seek for help.

Anyone that can help me on finding new information or alternatives to get me and my laptop one again will be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Oct 15, 2020
I have some additional information and pictures if someone might be interested in looking into this and helping out:

I have added a couple images from my motherboard and power button board and more specific of the SW2 switch.

To me it doesn't seem like the SW2 switch has any damage of getting wet or else, the spill was not around there aswell(see the overview picture, the blue elipse gives the location of the spill)

Altough it looks like there is some leftovers of the spillage if you look at the power board(see the second close up of the power board). This is also where the spill occured on the table, on the side of the power board near the fans and below the num keys.

Is there anyway to manually boot via the motherboard or any other way? Also if you look at the other picture, when the power is plugged it seems as the battery is getting charged and the blue light keeps on. Does that give any clue to how the power board is functioning?

I have put the images in URL links as to not fluid the thread with pictures.

Other images:
Charging, battery light

Overview middle of the motherboard

Other side of the motherboard, also the other side to where the spill happened