Alternatives to AMD Overdrive for Temp Monitoring


Mar 3, 2013
Unfortunately I have an FX-8350 and have been told the only way to accurately reads its shitty temps is with AMD Overdrive and thermal margins. Now I don't give a fuck if I'm reading an actual temp or a thermal margin but every time I run AMD Overdrive it is automatically overclocking my CPU in Turbo Core Control as default. Every time I load AMD Overdrive just to watch my temps while gaming I have to go to Turbo Control and turn it off first or my CPU will run way hotter as its being over clocked by this shitty program.

I've already saved my own AMD Overdrive profile with the Turbo setting off multiple times and as well as gone through settings and set it so Turbo off is the normal default and none of these things ever fucking work as every time I restart my PC and open Overdrive it's overclocking shit again like a fucking asshole. So my question, is there a reliable program to check my FX-8350's temp OR thermal margin that isn't shitty fucking AMD Overdrive that overclocks me every time I fucking start it if I don't manually turn it off each time?