Am I at risk of damaging my motherboard or graphics card?


Apr 22, 2010
Hey guys... so earlier this year in summer time I got a new motherboard and pc so had to rejig it.. anyway when I had put my new motherboard in and I was putting in my graphics card I noticed that when my graphics card (gtx 480) was in its slot it wouldn't align with the case so I couldn't screw the metal plate on to the back to make it more secure so I ended up just let the motherboards slot hold it up and its worked fine so far for all these months. Though I think the problem is that my pc case that I got a few years ago that I got with my graphics card is warped (haf 932) should I try and get a new case asap so my graphics card doesn't end up snapping the slot bit? I've just became more worried all of a sudden. I'm thinking of getting a haf x sometime in the future but i'll get it sooner rather than later if you think I'm at risk of damaging anything.