Question Am I being dumb or is this a strange issue?

Dec 18, 2020
Hi guys
So I’ve built a new system, it’s been a pain in the ass. It previously randomly rebooted with no blue screen or anything it just straight up restarted. I did some research and ultimately exchanged out my PSU with Corsair. The new one came back and I’ve not had that issue since, but here is where it gets annoying.

so I had an issue with my primary monitor and only my primary monitor going black for about two seconds before coming back, there was also an occasional wave going down it, like a screen wipe. Hard to explain, just like a thin wavy line like a windshield wiper going down every now and again.
Apart from that I had no issues, I chalked that down to my gpu (a place holder for 3080) being a lot weaker than the quality of the monitor and its refresh rate.
Anyways here’s where the major problem started, about three days ago when I went to boot my pc, it would only boot 1/3 times roughly, the times it didn’t boot it got stuck on error 07 (mem error I believe) and no power went to the keyboard or mouse etc and it got stuck there with no post. Occasionally it would boot with no problems, until today. It refused to post or boot and kept getting stuck on error code 07.
I eventually cleared CMOS and with the ram settings at default it posted, I tested that about 4 times and it posted every time. As soon as I enabled xmp it refused to boot and error 07 returned.
I tested my brothers ram, different brand same speed and confirmed working on xmp profile. When I plugged his in same story, ran fine on default, refused to post on xmp so had to clear cmos again.

so now I’m left in a dilemma, has it suddenly started because of dodgy bios version, or an issue with the cpu memory controller? Any other ideas? Spec list below

Primary monitor: Samsung g7 240hz 1440p (the one that black screened for a few seconds every now and again and had the wave)

monitor 2: Samsung g5 144hz 1440p (no issues)

cpu: ryzen 9 5900x (new cpu so maybe issues with the early adoption of tech idk)
Mobo: msi Meg ace x570
Ram: trident z neo 3600mhz
Gpu: 1060 (placeholder for 3080)
Psu: hx850iw Corsair
Aio: kraken z73
Case: o-11 dynamic xl with 7 case fans.

temps all look great when system is running
Issues are as listed above monitor black screened and wave line and memory issue preventing boot when on xmp profile.
Any ideas? I’m losing my mind


Check RAM first; Quick test can be done using Windows Memory Diagnostics, but MemTest86 (think I have the name correct) is the better test. Also, try starting the PC with the xmp mode set with just ONE stick of RAM. If it works in the first slot you try, shut down and try it in another slot until all RAM slots have been checked. If the pc boots for all four slots, try the same thing with one of the other sticks (you didn't tell us how much RAM you have or number of Memory sticks).
Dec 18, 2020
Hi guys, from doing more research I’m believing this is a problem with the new ryzen 9 5900x chips as many other people are reporting being unable to enable xmp profiles without getting mem errors. Everything seems to be working perfectly with the xmp disabled and no issues with the ram