Am I going to be happy with this?


Feb 19, 2009
I blame it on Intel fanboys, but I bought just about all the parts for my build, and the more I look around the more discouraged I become. It is a budget build ($300'ish)

Here is my system:
AMD Athlon 64x2 7750
ASUS M3A78-EM Mobo
2x2gb GSkill DDR2 800 5-5-5-15
WD 640gb SATA HD
Raidmax Smilodon case
550-600watt psu (tbd)

buying at later time: Sapphire Radeon HD 4830/50

Light to moderate gaming at no higher then 1080p reso's
Games: Shaiya, EVE, other mmorpg's and rc simulators

Media center: TV tuner, recording tv, burning data dvd, connected to xbox 360 for media center on console, etc

General: Internet, music, downloading ( a lot), open office, picasa, etc

Do you think I will be satisfied with this build for this type of use?


Put it this way bro, you are always gonna find someone with something bigger and better than you have. You can build a system today that's a beast, give it 6 months, someone will almost certainly have a better system. Get the best you can but try to leave some room to upgrade, and upgrade as you go till you can't get better and start over.

But just build the best you can, which you have probably done here. As long as it does what you want, what more do you want?
its funny how some forums are so biased that if you even mention you are not using an intel you get treated like you just spat on the grandmother of the last person to get an i7.

Both manufacturers have advantages in certain price points and performance ranges . The Ci7 is top dog , but almost no one needs that much power and the cpu is wasted in gaming rigs unless you have serious $$$$$$ to spend on gfx cards . As far as I can see the people wasting money are compensating for some inadequacy or another .
Well sorry kids but if we all follow that build path AMD will be out of business and those intels will have no competition and cost twice as much ...... and develop much more slowly .
More power to AMD , to stay competitive and pushing hard

The OP has a good motherboard and a mild CPU . Overclocked it should do what he wants , or it can be replaced with a more powerful quad at some stage . its a good build . It will do what you want


And honestly, I'm a guy who started at 17 or so playing games, and have never owned an intel chip in ONE gamer system I've owned. And I'm now a 28 year old certified computer tech. Only intel chips I've had were in my work issued macbook laptop, and a celeron in a dell laptop my wife had for a while before we sold it.

I always like the AMD maybe because of a little loyalty, but also because they also always seem to have a decent chip at a lower price than intel, which gives me more money for other stuff, like gfx cards, etc.


Jan 4, 2005
True Intel as the best chisp around nowadays but AMD offer good chips as well if your are on a budget you can get a good bang for the buck. In fact, AMD offer more performance than most user can use in normal day to day uses. I own both type of system and I am happy with both..........