[SOLVED] Am i safe with my CPU temperature and does my GPU slack off?


Nov 16, 2017
ASUS N550JX, i7 4720HQ, 8GB RAM, GTX950m 2GB

Just ported my Ninja Gaiden Sigma game to the RPCS3 emulator to see if my laptop can handle it. Turn out it can, but the CPU temps are always between 75-81'C. Is this still safe for my CPU? Can i play at this temperature for 2 hours straight every day without damaging anything? Asking in general, not just for this game and this emulator.

Also, while playing Ninja Gaiden my GPU is at 60'C and uses only like 360MB (never using even half of its full power), while my CPU runs between 2.4GHz and 3.6GHZ (using its max power). When playing PC games it's the same thing, the CPU works its butt off, while the GPU never gives more than 50% of its max capabilities. Is this normal? I'd expect the GPU to take some load of the CPU when things get that way. It really feels like my GPU is slacking off and leaving all the work to the CPU. I know that emulators are more CPU demanding, but the same happens in PC games as well. Even when i raise the graphical details in a game (which I'd expect to be almost completely GPU dependent), it just puts visibly more stress on the CPU, while the GPU temps raise just a bit and the usage goes from like 900MB to not even 1GB. I mean it's just a 2GB GPU, you'd expect it to be overheating when playing something a bit more demanding. Is this normal or do i need to tweak something in the NVIDIA panel?

PC Tailor

For intel processors:

Core temperatures above 85°C are not recommended.
Core temperatures below 80°C are ideal. See below

Stick below 85 and you should be fine, just below 80 is ideal. Ref: Intel temp guide

Also a GPU can't really "slack" - it will work as hard as it needs to, this is why there is no real thing as a standard "bottleneck" because the bottleneck will change based on the application. if your application is more CPU intensive, then the CPU will be the bottleneck.

The Tjunction of the CPU is 100 degrees, which is just the thermal throttle, it will downclock when it reaches this to prevent damage, but it should still be kept below 85 degrees.


May 12, 2019
Max temp for the CPU seems to be 100c . Ninja Gaiden seems a really old retro game. Does not mean any game you open your cpu and gpu has to go at 100% usage and use all the vram if its a light game that wont happen. Your cpu , gpu maybe thermal throttle too. Have you ever cleaned your laptop from dust or change the thermal paste? Also if you mostly gaming you can buy a stand with a fan to place under your laptop something like this: