Apr 15, 2001
who thinks that the mouse "sensor" or ball should be up front between the thumb and the index finger? That's the part that moves the most, especially in FPS games.
Why then do these mouse makers keep moving the sensor to the back. How accurate am I gonna snipe when the sensor is down by my palm?


Mar 18, 2004
Since your index and middle finger tend to be on the top, where they can press down, but not side to side, they generally have little to no control over the actual movement of the mouse. On the other hand, your thumb and ring finger(varies by weird holds) tend to be on sides and actually control movement of the mouse. On this mouse here at work, the sensor is almost exactly in right place to be on plane between thsoe two fingers(and I have short fingers, with longer fingers/thumb it'd probably be just right). This gives the best control. if you have sensor at end, have to adapt your movements, as it's levered off of the actual pivot point between your thumb and ring finger. Keeping it there makes it more intuitive, especially to a new user, works better wityh your natural hand eye coordination

ANd of course, besides that, room wise makes it easier to build(or did when people actually used a mouse with a ball in it)


Oct 11, 2001
mouse sensitivity settings make it so it doesnt matter where the sensor is placed. my guess is the sensor is in the middle cause thats how it was with ball mice. the reason the did it that way with ball mice is simple, theres more space in the palm area. counter-strike game server -
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