Question Am I unlucky, or my 9600k can't hit 5ghz

Mar 31, 2019
Hello guys!

As the title says, I can't reach 5ghz with my brand new i5 9600k. I have a MSI MEG z390 ace board, with 16 gb hyperx predator ram (2x8), and an RTX 2070.

My cpu is cooled by a corsair h115i pro rgb aio cooler. In the msi bios, I set voltage to 1.43 override. 50 multipler and 47 ring ratio. Also set llc to mode 3, and the thermal option to the highest (I believe its 115 °C).

The pc boots up, everything goes fine, and when I try cinebench r15 cpu test, crashes out halfway through. The temps were about 80 °C all cores.

Isn't it too high temp for a liquid cooler?

My dream is to run my cpu 5ghz stable, and keep its temp at a maximum of 70 °C gaming.

How to lower voltage and heat, while getting stable 5ghz? Maybe mx2 paste?
What are your suggestions?
Welcome to Tom's!

I doubt that your thermal paste will make that much diference. All of the thermal paste tests I've seen only show a 2-3 degree C difference between the best and the worst pastes, all other things being equal.

Being able to hit a specific overclock is NEVER guaranteed. If all chips in a particular series could hit 5GHz stabilly, then Intel would sell them as 5GHz parts, (at a MUCH higher price!)not 3.5 or 4GHz chips.