Question Am i viable for an RMA? ASUS VP249QGR 144hz Issue


Sep 3, 2021
Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Imgur: The magic of the Internet
So, I experienced this issue on my monitor which appears and disappears from time to time. I don't know what causes it to appear and disappear, I've tried troubleshooting everything I can think of from wires, system unit, environment, and other possible factors. Now when it appeared again, it didn't disappear for weeks and so i messaged the shop if i could return it and they said that i could just ship it to them so they could check it out. Now, i packed it up preparing to ship it to them but because i was so busy it was in the box for maybe a week. When i try to open it again to see if the problem is still there, the problem is gone.

If you guys experienced this can anybody tell me what i can do? Is this a simple problem or a major one? Wire problems? Product defect?
Also, the reason for me hesitating to just return it for them to check is cause here in my country they try as hard as possible to not give you warranty for them to save money and i have to pay for the back-and-forth shipping which is very expensive. My concern is will they honor my request? or try to avoid it and cost me money.