AM3 CPU and AM3+ MoBo

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You'll be fine. Just check the mobo manufacturer website and make sure the cpu you want to use is compatible without having to flash the BIOS (some early AM3+ boards needed a bios flash to work with AM3+ CPU's, only reason I mention it.) You should be golden though right out the box at this stage of things.



Yes there is one in Tustin.

In which case I suggest you go there and buy this (not trying to bash your rig, just check it out)

This link is for the CPU which is a Phenom II 960T quad core 3.0Ghz.
The thing about these chips is they are actually built on the 6X thuban die and have 2X cores disabled from AMD
A source I have at AMD tells me the 960T has roughly an 80% rate of successful unlock to X6.
The 960T has an unlocked multiplier and can easily overclock past 4+ Ghz (with X4, mine and most others will not pass 3.8 when X6 but still lol)
The "Thuban" core Phenom II's have better memory controllers than any other AMD chip made to date
It's $13.00 more than the X3 for a GUARANTEED 4th core and a VERY good possibility of 3 more cores.

No offense but the ASUS board you listed is junk, I personally went through 3 of them before just giving up and buying my asrock 970 extreme 3 for $80.00 and I have never been happier with any other board I have owned. This board has all the features of $150.00 + Motherboards.

USB 3.0
2X PCI-e X16 Slots (for dual graphics cards)
both 95W and 125W CPU support
A bunch of other nice little features.

This one is at newegg

So $40 more than you were looking to spend and you are getting a WAY WAY WAY better combo with a Quad core Phenom II (very possibly 6 core)
A much higher quality and feature rich motherboard and an over all much more capable and quality computer.

If you have any questions please let me know as I personally own this set-up.


Jan 17, 2012

I thank both of you guys CMI and Computernewb man those deals were awesome walked away with a FX 4100 Black Edition 3.6GHz Quad-Core and a ASrock 970 for 160 and picked up the CM 435 Elite 204 bucks normally around 300 or so This rig was suppose to be for a tiny project and is turning into something with a bunch more power thanks a ton for all the help!
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