Amazed by support


I'm really amazed by some people who post answers here with links.
I'm finding all these links to off-the-wall webpages with fixes for random problems someone once had.

I guess most people don't know you can use and as probably the best resource for troubleshooting Windows?

Its just odd to me as I'm browsing the forums and I find small webpages siting incomplete information on a problem, so I just out to support for microsoft, type in what i'm looking for and I have the 1) the reason it happens, 2) how to fix the problem 3) plus a few other links on additional things that are normally helpful.

Anyone else use the microsoft webpage for support on microsoft problems?

RTFM.. anyone?



What's that, Wow.

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Dec 31, 2007
hehehe, good for you, hehehehe

PS: my very secret - i don't go there that's why i have no problems, hehehehe

..this is very useful and helpful place for information...