Amazon ROG Strix 1070ti for $397


Sep 26, 2018
I currently have an msi gaming X 1060 6gb and it’s great. I’ve had it for 2 years now and I want to upgrade my gpu. Looking on amazon yesterday (11/12), the best deal I found was a evga ultra quiet 1070ti for $409. But today, the price jumped to $479. Now today, I look on amazon again and Asus ROG has magically stocked their gtx 1070ti ROG strix advanced for $397. Looking at their other 1070’s it seems like they got their price wrong. While their other ROG strix (not advanced) is priced at $669, their normal 1070 (non-ti) is at $470. So they priced one 1070ti strix at $397, and another at $669.

My question is, should I order this rog strix advanced 1070ti for $397? Comparing prices and brands it seems like a killer deal, especially for a ROG.

Here is the amazon link