Amazon Shipping Unlocked $179 Moto G on December 4

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Nov 7, 2009
The phone isn't as good as last years Nexus 4. The price is a little lower though. I was disappointed to see the Nexus 5 being quite a bit more expensive than the Nexus 4. It seems that Google backed off of the idea of offering a high quality product for less than $300 dollars.


May 27, 2011
Confused by first comment...

A) This phone isn't suppose to be as good as the N4, that is not its purpose. (Overlooking performance wise it actually benchmarks nearly the same with better battery life)
B) The price is a lot lower than N4/N5. $200 versus $350? Almost 2 for 1...
C) N5 is in no way more expensive than the N4 when comparing apples to apples... N4 16gig = $350 which is the same as N5 at 16gig. If Google released an 8gig people would bitch that that wasn't acceptable.
D) The moto G is a fantastic phone at $180 - $200 bucks and N5 is awesome at $350 to $400.


Dec 17, 2008
Motorola is owned by Google. Of course it's going to lack a microSD slot. Google doesn't believe in expandable storage. They want everyone using "the cloud"...


Why not use cloud storage, I still have an original nexus 7 running kitkat which really brought life back into the device btw.

google music is storing some 20k flac files for me to listen to wherever i am at and not on a restricted SDcard.

google docs keeps all of my documents for reading later.

I have USB flash drive on my keychain (USB OTG cable) for some kids movies but I mostly just use hulu or netflix (I personnally do not like watching movies on a handheld and certainly not on a phone)

I also have 125 apps installed on that 8 GB's of internal space with one GB left over.

the only apps that take up allot of space are the "AAA" games out there and who wants to play anything other casual games and card games on a cellphone.

All I want is to be able to put a double size battery in them so I can use it for a hotspot for prolonged periods when needed.

These are great phones but I will pick up a used HTC one or one maxx after the new year from uneducated people that think their phone does not work. You would not beleive how many people think things are broken when they just do not know how to use them.
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