Question Amazon shopping app won't install from play store on Android tablet

Dec 28, 2019
I recently bought a Lenovo Tab M10 tablet. When I first set it up, I transferred the apps from my Android phone to the tablet. The Amazon Shopping app was among the apps that transferred. The following day there was an error message and I had to do a factory reset. Again I transferred the apps from my Samsung phone to the tablet during the setup process. While the apps were transferring, the tablet updated. This time theAmazon app did not transfer. Since then I have been unsuccessful in getting any Amazon app to install on my tablet from the Google play store. Tech support from Google and Lenovo is almost non-existent right now because of the virus. Can anybody help me with this?
I think you will find Amazon and Google don't mix. Amazon has their own apps for their hardware, such as Fire HD.

Google Play is the online Apps store designed by Google for Android device. It has become the major channel for end users to download.