Amber power button light on dell e510 (green light on motherboard)

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Amber often means the PC is in sleep mode. Holding space space for 4 seconds brings it back.

IF you mean you cannot boot then please say so, and describe what you do see and hear. Like disk spins up, monitor goes from standby to active but after the bios windows hangs.. or i hit the power button and other than these two lights nothing happens.

Here is a starting ref.


Sep 17, 2011

thanks for the reference. no the system will not boot. i tried the dell site but it was no help...they tried to sell me found something googling that i am going to try concerning the sys. memory cards and will update...


Jun 9, 2014
I solved this problem with an Optiplex 745 Midtower. I had just swapped out the processor. I removed an Intell Core 2 Quad (to put it in a GX780) and Installed a Core 2 Duo. and I could only get the amber power button light and fast fan along with mobo power light and NIC light.
==> My Solution: I replaced the CPU with an old LGA775 Pentium 4 and everything worked normal. My problem was a bad CPU. It must have gotten damaged during the cleaning & swap. I did try the Core 2 Duo again and the problem returned, swapped it and put the P4 back and it was fine again.
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