Jan 28, 2013
So, I spent a couple of hours trying to uninstall older, yet recommended by Windows Update, drivers. I finally got them uninstalled and when I played games I saw no improvement on my 7870 as I had expected to see - and even possibly some worse statistics. So, I rolled back the drivers and the old ones were replaced. I played some games with the old ones and on a whim thought that I might try Windows Update again to see if it could find me better suggested drivers. So I set it to look online for drivers and it installed the very same drivers I had just rolled back. What the...?
I prefer to go directly to the AMD website. For some reason my Catalyst app never detects the latest version.

But yes, 13.1 stable is the one you want. Been running it for a week or so now and it seems to work well. The new application profile interface is a pleasure to use.