Aug 5, 2004
yo all.. just got pimping in here and have a question..

I have a 2500+ barton.. someone told me it will OC a bunch? any tips/links that'll help with this? I only have the stock retail fan/heatsink..

secondary question.. should I upgrade to 3200+ or go to AMD64 in the next 6-8 months?

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Jul 6, 2004
I have a barton 2600+ and on stock hsf it overclocked to 3200+ speeds (195x11.5) without a voltage adjustment. Your 2500+ is an 11 multiplier, so it should do similarly, and may even hit 200x11 (which is exactly 3200+ speed). If you can adjust the core voltage, you can possibly break that even.

Be sure your case has good ventilation.

If you have the M (mobile) version or an old (a year or so I think) barton, your multiplier is unlocked so you can even adjust the multiplier. Otherwise you're stuck at 11.

First thing you need to be sure of is that your motherboard can adjust the fsb clock, and hopefully the cpu core voltage. Then be sure your memory can handle the faster speed. (your 2500+ uses pc2700 ram, and overclocking to 200x11 will need very high quality pc2700 ram, or pc3200 ram which is designed to run at 200fsb).

Heck, read <A HREF="" target="_new">this</A> and it goes over all the details. :)



May 16, 2002
You're telling me you've gone as far as modding a 9500Pro into a 9700Pro, but you don't know how to overclock? That's bizarre!

Check the overclocking forums - there are FAQ posts in there that tell you all you need... but a quick summary anyway:
1)Make sure your RAM is rated for a faster speed - PC3200 (DDR400) at least is desirable.
2)increase FSB a few Mhz at a time. don't just try and boot up at 8Ghz. :wink:
3)I wouldn't advise increasing Vcore beyond ~1.7 - 1.75 with the stock cooler, unless you live inside the arctic circle. Remember more volts has a much larger effect on temperature than clockspeed alone does.

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Mar 25, 2004
You won't be able to OC much with a stock heatsink/fan imho
What are you talking about? A 2500+ can easily o/c to 3200+ speeds on stock heatsink.

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