Question AMD 5700G or i5 10400 or I3 13100F


Sep 27, 2021
Hi all.
Between, a full build with all components the same, despite AMD 5700G no dedicated graphic card, an i5 10400F + GTX 1650 4GB, and I3 13100F + GTX 1650 4GB.
same price also.
What would you pick?
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The 1650 discrete graphics card is much stronger than the integrated graphics of the 5700G. That is important if you favor fast action games.

The I5-10400f is not quite as strong as the 5700G, but the I3-13100F is stronger than the 5700G in single thread performance which is what games need most.
(multiplayer may be an exception)

I might urge you to spend a few extra bucks on the 13100 and not the F suffix version.
The integrated graphics can be a lifesaver if you ever have discrete graphics card issues.
And, as a plus, you get quick sync:
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