AMD 64??


Jan 7, 2005
I have a AMD 64 3300+ that is supposed to operate at 2.4 ghz. My bios supports this and shows it as a 2.4. However in windows system settings and in CPU-Z it is listed at running at only 1.8 ghz. What gives, why is my cpu performing 600 mhz slower than what was advertised?

If this helps its a :
AMD Athlon 64 3300+
code name: Paris
socket 754
.13 1.2v
Model: Salmon 1.04
Chipset: Sis760 rev2
Southbridge SiS 964

Also something odd i noticed while browsing the cpu guide, this processor has the same code name and processor speed as a sempron, is it possible HP is pulling a fast one on me?
I still have 10 days left on my return policy, so any insights into this delima are GREATLY appreciated.
Thank you for your help


Jun 4, 2004
the only advice i can give you is give it back and make one yourself. its very easy, you just have to be careful what to buy with your money to get good performance. this is what i would do if i was in the same position....
btw i havent got a clue what's wrong with your fsb (600mgz depreciation)...
It's running at 1.8GHz... but what does it report the model number as? Does it say A64 3200+, A64 3000+ or any variation thereof? I didn't think AMD made a 3300+, so if in fact that is not a typo... I'd be concerned right there.

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Aug 30, 2002
CHeck the fsb setting in your bios. It should be under the 'advanced' menu (possibly in 'chipset' settings). Often, a motherboard manufacturer will set the default fsb to the lowest settign to prevent any noobs for trying to run PC 2100 memory at PC 3200 speeds. Athlon 64's are made to run at a 200 fsb. If your fsb reads 166 or 133, up it to 200 (that is, if you have PC 3200 or above memory). I hope that this helps...

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Aug 2, 2001
Since I can only find reference to a SIS chipset being used in a Asus K8S-MX, I’ll assume you have that board. Also AMD64 CPUs run their memory independent from their bus speed. I believe that your Hypertransport frequency is set to 600 instead of 800. This would account for the 600/800 =0.75 % difference of 2.4ghz * 0.75 =1.8ghz. Normally you can set the HT frequency multiplier to x3 x4 x5 for 600 800 1000mhz operation respectively. There seems to be no option in the K8s. You may try… In the advanced memu of the bios there is a Hypertransport Configuration where you can choose the HT speed. Set it to 800.

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First off, if that is indeed a paris core, and not a mistake by CPU-Z, it is a sempron.
The mobo is a rebadged asus board, with an HP bios, not very good, value board, with bad bios features.
The chip is an oem special, made solely for HP, so they call it what they want. If they are using a sempron core, this means the 64 bit registers have been disabled. I doubt Amd would allow HP to re-enable them, thereby getting a 3400, at the price of a sempron chip. Contact HP support, and tell them you want the staight info, or that puppy is going back, or just send it back, and get a DIY setup.