AMD 6400+BE vs AMD 6400+Retail """Weirdness"""


Feb 16, 2008
AMD 6400+ Retail is locked @16x but comes with a HSF

AMD 6400+ BE is unlocked(meaning you can use 15.5x or 15x etc) but comes without a HSF

AMD 5000+ BE is unlocked(meaning you can use anything up in the multiplier factory) but comes without a HSF

^^^^ that is what everyone is talking about.... ( I am sure about this)

Anyways <shrugs> check this out

I have a AMD 6400+ Retail that I simply went into the bios and dropped the so called Locked 16x and put it at 15x. Guess what, CPU-Z says 201.0mhz x 15 given me 3015.5. """This is telling me I have a 6400+ BE right"""

That is excellent news I would have to say. I am confused though, that means I can do more then just mess with the FSB correct?

Help me out here... am I talking about something good here? I seem to have a solid chip that I can better overclock if I am correct.

Any help would be great... I am getting ready to make a overclocking stable system between my CPU, RAM and GPU.

Thanks Guys


Oct 13, 2006
Ahh, this would seem to match the understanding I had till a few days ago, that any retail chip can have a lower multi, but only the two BE chips could have a higher multi. Dont know if the 6400+BE can actually go up, but if it doesnt it is TOTALY a rip off.